Network Marketers – How To Combat Distraction [video]

Dp you have a problem getting or staying focused? No worries, it is a natural occurrence our industry.  Think about it for a minute, we are marketers and therefore intentionaly expose ourselves to the marketing efforts of other marketers. Add that to all the constant bombardment of  advertising messages we see everyday and you have a recipe for manufactured ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), figuratively speaking.

I just watched my friend Ray Higdon’s video on how not to get distracted. Please enjoy this short valuable training and when you find yourself compelled to learn the skills needed to succeed in network marketing online or off come back for more.

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Network Marketers – Is Your Agenda Keeping You From Success

Would you admit that in your marketing, there is an agenda, a desired outcome? Of course there is, you want to make money, build a group that will duplicate itself and off to the beach you go. Whether or not that is you, only you can answer. But face it we all do have an agenda, this post will shed light on  the question ” Is my agenda keeping me from the success I seek?”

The Word Agenda Sounds Negative

Unfortunately this is a product of conditioning, part of the agenda of others ( but that’s another topic), we hear the term used to describe the ideological meaning in politics and thus has garnered the term with negative perceptions, for example;”our agenda is to take over the party”. But the reality agenda is a list or outline of things to be considered or done. So slough off that shackle and realize yes I have an agenda, but it’s not negative. Keep in mind that we are constantly being manipulated to do things by others, it’s how things get done just not always for the right reasons. Right now we are in a period in society where everything is being turned  upside down, you know it our world is in chaos, also an agenda. Our thoughts, perceptions and values are all in their fight for survival.

As you proceed from this point you are intentionally  defining your core beliefs and  values, apply them to your marketing, then you can begin to have a positive agenda that is non confrontational. All throughout our space, you see and hear people talking about getting people…” I need to get three leads a day” or ” I doing a gig tonight to get some people in my biz”, it might seem an unintentional use of our industry terminology but the more you tell yourself these things, your sub-conscience is being wired to think in those terms. I don’t know about you, but I do not like to be got. If you  are out to get people, only you can answer that, the people you get in will always be looking to get out because they eventually feel snared.

Ask yourself this, do I want to attract people who want what I want or am I content with trying to cram something down someones throat and force them to be successful so that due to their leverage I will become successful. If you want to attract people, lose the negative agenda thinking and continue reading.

So How Do I Market My Positive Agenda

Well my friend, it’s simple, notice I didn’t say easy. First, you must do the work, I mean learn and master the the skills needed to succeed in the industry. Yes there is a hell of a learning curve and whoever told you otherwise is just trying to get you,now you can see it coming. Next, you apply the skills to you learn to your business, amazing how your self esteem starts to rise. Finally, take what you have learned and had has success with, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you and share that information to help someone out, they just might thank you or even connect with you as someone they can trust. Make yourself a leader with a reason to be followed and your success becomes…Premeditated, another word that has succumbed  to negative perception.

Everything you need to be successful is within you, I know that sounds like some motivational poke, but it is true. You know inside what you are passionate about and if this industry is where you find that passion, learn the craft, become attractive…that might be how you came into the industry…someone made it were attractive.

Network Marketers – Tire Kickers Kick Tires…Here’s What You Do

As a self respecting marketer  just starting your journey today or a seasoned veteran, your time, energy and monetary investment in your future are each in themselves valuable let alone the whole deal. When combined with attraction marketing and leading with value there comes an inherent tendency to give away  the milk leaving prospects with little or no reason to buy the cow. Therefore in an effort to build rapport, we create glommers and tire kickers.

So how are tire kickers different from glommers you might ask. A tire kicker is a lead that continuously chase, they won’t tell you know so they keep looking at your stuff without any intention of becoming a customer. What are they good for you ask, taking up your valuable time, killing your confidence and keeping you from moving forward in your results driven journey to self reliance.

How Do I Recognize A Tire Kicker…

One of the first signs is when you follow up with a suspect after they agreed to watch your presentation but when you call they haven’t gotten around to it yet and continue to string you along with a series of lame objections. When even after you overcome what seem as reasonable objections they ultimately leave you with I’ll get back to you, but never saying no. So you call them back again and again, creating a cycle that will last as long until you recognize it.

So What About The Glommers…

Fortunately their effect are less detrimental to you than tire kickers. Glommers are the folks that stay on your list forever taking advantage of all your free stuff. Obviously Free Training is valuable and has its place in your attraction marketing arsenal. When you get to where your list is growing but your sales are not, one of the metrics you can use is your open rate versus time on list then compare that with open rate versus conversions. When you see who is simply enjoying the free ride for any length of time you must conclude that they will , most  likely not buy from you, that’s okay just tweak what free stuff you offer after a certain period of time.

No worries having them on your list,  the numbers are good and perhaps these glommers will get the urge to share your content and lead you to some productive prospects.

Sometimes You Just Have To Cut Someone Loose…

I know it sounds crazy, why would I want to cut someone loose after I have been chasing them for so long…Well that is what need to happen sometimes to free up your time your energy and your sanity. You will be amazed that when you accept that you do not need tire kickers to chase and that you have the solutions to offer the serious business builders who are currently struggling with how to move to the next level, which by the way is those who are on the level you were just at even if it is day one in the industry.

For everything that you learn and apply in your business, you can teach the person who is looking to learn and apply in theirs. So you need your energy to find them and not waste valuable time, energy and resources on tire kickers and glommers. At this point you will feel empowered, renewed and able to see them coming.

I hope you found this article helpful and of value. If so please help me spread the word by sharing. If you are ready learn and apply the skills needed to take your business to the next level, I recommend you visit